COVID-19 Testing


Klinik Alam Medic, Bukit Jelutong has been on the frontlines from the beginning

of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been one of the earliest clinics providing drive thru and onsite testing .  We provide the following Covid-19 tests :

appointment and further enquiries.

Call 01136003509

for an appointment and further enquiries. Group discount is available.

nasal swab, results in 15mins, official SIMKA report is given,determines if you are currently infected with Covid-19

nose and throat swab, results within 24-36 hrs, same day results also available, accredited labs used only, high accuracy

blood test, sent to lab,not to be used for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection

Nabs contribute to 68.5% of the vaccine efficacy of an mRNA vaccine , so this test can be done to evaluate pre/post vaccination response and also to see level of protection from a previous Covi infection.

Rapid Antigen Test/PCR test for travelling overseas, also approved clinic for travellers to China

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