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Medical Consultation

Here’s an overview of the services we offer

General Medical Consultations

Our experienced doctors are available for general medical consultations, addressing a wide range of health concerns.


Patients from infancy through adolescence are seen , including newborn checkups and vaccinations.

Women's Health

Our clinic provides women's health services, including breast and gynecological examinations- pap smears, family planning, pre and postnatal care.
3D/4D HD ultrasound for antenatal checkup

Men's Health

General well being and prostate checkup provided.


We offer a comprehensive vaccination program for babie and preschoolers to adult and elderly eg influenza,pneumococcal, hepatitis and typhoid vaccines to name a few.
Haji/Umrah vaccination

Chronic Disease Management

Our team assists in managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma with regular follow ups and achieving good control is a priority.

Minor Surgery

We perform minor surgical procedures like suturing of laceration wounds , incison and drainage of abcess, removal of ingrown toe nail and skin tags.
We also provide professional wound care with appropriate dressing materials covering whole range of wounds.

Health Screening

Regular health screenings are vital for early detection and prevention of illnesses. We provide various blood screening packages to assess your overall well-being.


All X-Rays are carried out by our trained Radiographers and specialist Radiologist reporting of X-Rays is available.
Ultrasound of the abdomen, kidney and pelvis is available with appointment.


For foreign worker checkup
Pre Fomema test is also available- to see if the worker is fit before proceeding with FOMEMA checkup.


Routine antenatal, 3D/4D
Gynae/Pelvic Full Abdomen


X-Ray Medical check up Blood and Urine Examination

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